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Classic Water Repelling Compounds


SEALTEK-113 is a construction chemical compound that has water repelling properties. It is an opaque solution meant for application on external wall surfaces to make them resistant to water & salt penetration; also fights dampness, algae, fungus, carbonation, UV and IR rays etc. It works on bricks, mineral based natural and artificial stone aerated concrete, cement fiberboards mineral paints & plasters. SEALTEK-113 application is water based silane siloxane water repellent sealer that can also be used for tiles, stone masonry work.

It enhances durability of interiors and exteriors of industrial, residential or commercial buildings. It helps exterior paint to last longer. As our formulation is a water based compound that can be applied with a regular brush or roller and is made to give a perfect finish to various surfaces.


It can be applied on old (through injection grouting); in new and under-construction projects, architectural concrete, concrete blocks, split face blocks, pavers, stucco, porous and dense brick/clay tiles, and stones. It also works in extremely cold temperatures.

How to Use

SEALTEK-1113 starts working and providing water repellence within 24 hours of application that further improves over a week. As the solution penetrates the substrate where it is applied, it strengthens the surface helping the effect to last long.


It starts working within a few hours of application. Overtime, as the solution penetrates further and deeper, it improves strengthen of surface. It's effect lasts long. Reduces wear and tear (owing to weather conditions) on vertical surfaces.

Wherever water clogs, fungus tends to grow. Since SEALTEK-1113 application fights water clogging, there is no fungus growth, thus making plastered surfaces, water repellent.

Our SEALTEK-1113 formulation offers excellent water proofing, doesn't get affected by cracking, spalling, chemical degradation, dirt stacking etc owing to temperature variation. This improves life of substrate and reduces maintenance cost. When applied on concrete surface it offers a complete water proofing without blocking the pores allowing the concrete to breathe normally. Coatings can be applied with brush, roll, spray or dip on varied substrates including prepared metal, concrete, paper & flexible substrates such as silicone rubber. Promise seamless finish with abrasion resistance & low coefficient of friction.

Order can be placed for 50 kg to 200 kg HDPE containers.

When buyers are in the process of placing the order for product, we share information in detail with regard to its use, technical specifications, handling, warranty, and packaging etc. to optimize your experience with our product.

General Characteristics

1. Appearance Clear to slightly hazy
2. Color Yellowish to Red
3. Diluents Water
4. Proprietary Polymer content % 100
5. Specific gravity @ 25°C 1.06

* These values are not intended for preparing specifications. Specification writers may please contact KNVI before writing specifications on these products.

Special Features

  • Effective on any old or new siliceous surface.
  • Fights dampness on the walls due to capillary action. Non-yellowing
  • Highly Alkaline resistance
  • Can be applied in near-freezing temperatures.
  • Fast effect. Within a few hrs the surface/structure becomes highly water repellent. Very long lasting, as the product penetrates the substrate
  • Reduces weathering on vertical surfaces. Prevents fungus growth as the substrate becomes water repellent. Effective on damp surfaces and Injection grouting possible, just above ground level to create damp proofing. Makes plastered surface water repellent, and does not impart any colour change to the substrate
  • Impart excellent water repellence and hence reduces freeze-thaw damage, cracking, spalling, chemical degradation and dirt pick up, therefore enhances the life of substrate and reduce maintenance cost.
  • Does not seal the pores and capillaries and hence maintain breathability
  • The coatings are UV stable and resistant to biological degradation.
  • Can be used as a primer, saving the cost of an additional coat.

Technical Information

Instructions for Use

SEALTEK-1113 reacts with the atmospheric moisture thereby generating active resin while liberating alcohol. Thus formed active ingredient imparts excellent water repellence to the substrate and is ideally suitable for imparting water repellence to absorbent, porous & mineral construction materials such as

  • Brick works
  • Mineral based natural and artificial stone Aerated concrete.
  • Cement fiberboards Mineral paints & Plasters

Method of Use

SEALTEK-1113 should be diluted with mild agitation in a ration of 1:2 to 1:10 and this diluted solution should be used within 72 hours of dilution. The substrate should be air dry and absorbent. The diluted solution should be liberally applied in at least two coats, wet on wet, to the surface of material. The solution can be applied by brushing, spraying or flooding (flooding or spraying is preferable wherever possible). Although the coverage could be in the region of 125 -150 sq meters, it may vary depending on the absorbance of the surface.

Before application, ensure to cover windows and other non-absorbent surfaces properly as the product cures quickly and therefore it is very difficult to remove it after a few days. Wipe off any splashes on windowpanes immediately using soapy water, or if necessary, an organic solvent.

The substrate should be air dry and absorbent. The diluted solution should be liberally applied in at least two coats, wet on wet, to the surface of material. The solution can be applied by brushing, spraying or flooding (flooding or spraying is preferable wherever possible).

Prior to application, ensure that the substrate is absolutely clean of all loose dirt, oils, paint etc. It is advisable to cover all non-absorbing surfaces, as SEALTEK-1113 cures quickly and is very difficult to remove after a few days. Wipe off the product immediately using soapy water, or an organic solvent if needed.

Handling & Safety

Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) thoroughly for information’s on handling, safety, toxicology, transportation, storage and use. The material safety data sheet is available upon request. SEALTEK-1113 possesses a low order of toxicity. However this poses no hazard to industrial handling if reasonable care and cleanliness are observed. The acute oral toxicity is not determined.

Storage Warranty Period

SELATEK-1113 should be stored at temperatures between 0°C and 30°C in tightly closed original container, kept away from direct sunlight. SELATEK- 1113 has a shelf life of at least 12 months when stored in original unopened containers kept at 25°C. KNVSI warranty on the product is for 12 months from the date of shipment of the product.

Packaging & Availability

Available in 50kgs or 200kgs HDPE containers.


KNVSI warrants only that its product will meet its specifications. KNVSI liability is limited to the refund of purchase price or replacement of the product. KNVSI will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages of any kind. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability of use.

Water Repelling Compounds

Water Repelling Compounds

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