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High Purity Graphene Applications & Other Products

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Eco-Friendly, Chemical Solutions for Industrial, Residential & Commercial Use

Introduction: We are the second generation innovator-entrepreneurs for whom Research & Development has been the most normal part and progression of the journey.

Journey: Our family's association with Graphite goes as far as 40 years. As our research progressed we came across environment-friendly highly potent chemical compounds in which we saw scope for formulations of products that could protect internal and external surroundings from natural and un-natural calamities at a very nominal cost.

Products: After years of trial and error we succeeded in developing the formulations. We're currently focusing on 3 products that we've developed and are manufacturing for and supplying to customers worldwide. We do international trading of Graphene Application, Flame Retardant Solutions, and Water Resistant Chemicals. We have a registered IEC number.

Customize: We alter, innovate, customize, and deliver products as per client specifications and requirement vis-à-vis lot sizes, purity level, and other technical specifications. All our products are tested in our own lab, certified by Govt. bodies & authorities, as well as other leading laboratories across the world where our samples have been tested and certified. To read about our products click here.

Our Biggest Strength is the High Purity Application Graphene that we've developed through our own self devised method. You can read more details about Graphene here.

Samples Sent to Labs Worldwide: As mentioned elsewhere on our site, we've sent our Graphene samples to leading labs in around 10 countries including Israel, US, UK, SPAIN, France, Germany, & China. Those who've tested our samples already, have confirmed our claim of purity to be true, from some we await reports. We also hold IS/BS certifications. (The enormous strength and potential of graphene and other chemicals have been confirmed by research scientists and laboratories the world over. With all the interest this nonmaterial and eco-friendly solutions are generating vis-à-vis their commercialization, it won't be long before such technology comes into wide use and become critical components for solving a wide range of problems.

We've been working with Graphite for over 40 years and other chemical formulations for more than a decade. Our consistent exposure and study has given us an in-depth knowledge and insight into chemical properties and unique strengths of each of these products. This has helped us to develop cost effective, customizable graphene based products and chemical formulations for a variety of industrial applications.

KNVINDIA with its scientists & engineers involved in developing nano graphene platelets for you are commit to stand with you all through the commercialization process, right from initial screening to final product stage where our graphene has been used.

My name is Sanjeev Sharma; as KNVINDIA CEO, I oversee and supervise the entire production process and related activities with regard to all 3 products, collaborating R&D projects in factory and laboratory.

We look forward to serving clients worldwide as best as we can through our expertise, infrastructure and a personal commitment.

All our activities like research, innovation, product development, manufacturing, stocking & warehousing etc. takes place in our 40000 sq. ft. factory comprising advanced and equipped manufacturing units and laboratory in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

  • Production unit
  • R & D unit
  • Quality control unit

Whether you're looking at graphene vis-à-vis thermal management, to improve mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, enhance barrier properties, or anything else; we can help you achieve the optimal property profile. We are equipped to develop graphene for you in fixed lot size to yields significant economies of scale. We've explored the possibilities and tested our expertise to disperse graphene and other chemical formulations in solvents, polymers, and epoxies to make them suitable for a wide range of applications to increase their compatibility within your existing systems and structure.

Vision / Mission

Our mission is to lead the industry to the front with complete commitment and dedication to standards, quality, productivity & customer satisfaction, & to become a sustainable export trading company to business partners & communities globally.